The Ideal of Casual Dating is different from what the term immediately conjures up for us: cheating. The ideal ignores the need to have sex with each other. Possibly a utopia that can only be maintained by strictly following the etiquette in this regard. Anyone who cannot adhere to a number of predetermined rules inevitably falls into banality.

In a way we’re all casual daters

If casual dating just leads to friendships for a purpose other than finding an erotic relationship, aren’t we all casual daters somewhere? Except perhaps in the case of two lovers who met not so long ago and are still blinded by the other’s radiance, everyone needs contacts outside their relationship. These are necessary to keep your relationship healthy. Ook als er kinderen zijn moet je af en toe eens van gedachten wisselen met andere koppels om te weten hoe je er zelf aan toe bent.

Contacts at work with colleagues

Just chatting during break
Just chatting during break
Also at work, and especially there it is important that you get along well. Often the work is too easy to spend an entire day with intense concentration. And then the stories unfold. About the partner, the children, the trips at the weekend, school vicissitudes, etc. Anyone who does not participate is a special case and gets the feeling that he does not belong. And if you don’t have an erotic relationship or wedding plans as a single person, they often think there is something wrong with you. A lot depends on the industry you work in. But it is these workplaces or offices with this kind of mentality that helped give rise to the “casual dating” genre.

The ideal of Casual Dating


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