Why does bitcoin always go backward so far?

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Why does bitcoin always go backward so far?

There may be different factors why bitcoin always goes backward. There is nevertheless one eye-catching trend. Big banks are doing their best to keep up with recently emerged bitcoin banks. Consider BNP Paribas Fortis bank vs the German Nuri bank. The latter is a financial creation playing especially with smartphone tools that best identified the user. If you signed up to become their client you had to agree to an indiscrete inspection of your apartment via your webcam or that eye above the rectangular screen. Not a pleasant experience for many android surfers.

That so much wanted VISA card!

Nuri prided itself on its user-friendly VISA card although their umpteenth customer must have been tamed by the low bitcoin rates. Normally at that time, everybody sold his bitcoins to not be left with just nothing in his hands. BNP Paribas came up with its VISA card also. If not I would have explored the NURI VISA card on Google ADS already but now I will just follow everything on the Internet. Because in meantime I got the inspiration for my blog! What is that all about that Swiss banks working on soap bubbles? Nevertheless, it sounded very promising but didn’t we know that a hard time was coming? What will become of the tourist sector? Can you imagine the modern traveler ringing at doorbells to ask if they can make some space free in their backyard to pitch their tent?

Is the bitcoin price important?

An extremely low bitcoin price is interesting for people who want to buy a physical bitcoin. Last week that cost EUR 20000 and less.

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More thoughts

I also wonder if all that playing with bitcoin is not dangerous.

Bitcoin’s highest value in the last x days

It WAS +36000 a while ago, we’re also not the 24th of June anymore but the 26th!!
I saw it with my own eyes.

30/6 In case it doesn’t increase anymore, are we ready for a new bitcoin-like there has been a new French franc and a newest French franc?

Didn’t it start quickly after Elon Musk invested in cryptocurrency also?

No I’m no billionaire but I remember that when Bitcoin was still low I was on a Bitcoin website but didn’t realize it’s possible impact. A little bit later I started a hangout with someone that 7 years later ended disastrously. It must be that this was really worth my missed Bitcoin fortune. One day during that period I was stuck. I couldn’t log in my Coinbase anymore. At that moment Bitcoin value was high. When at last they had fixed that weakness and I could log in again Bitcoin had exactly the same price as when the trouble had begun.

Can we accuse Norton definitely?

The last year Norton may have done a giant present at least in its own eyes. Although I renewed my services offline I don’t remember Norton asking for my key with all troubles afterward. Today 1 July 2022 around 8:09 when I open this website it shows a Bitcoin price of 36 thousand and … Soon it falls to 18 thousand and …
Grace to the slow hosting on which this website seems to run I wonder if maybe Norton works with a little bit of delay.

Guesses about the person of Satoshi Nakamoto

Probably there is no contest on this topic going on thus let’s organize one.

Bitcoin +36000
Bitcoin +36000

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