Billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin WORK!!!

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Billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin WORK!!!

Billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin are (maybe always) for sale all over the world. These three items come from Brico Oudergem near Metro stop Demey, Vorstlaan 240 in B1160 Brussels, BE. It’s not Brico Oudergem’s first stunt during the last two months although after some searching they can probably deliver you the exact number you want of let’s say whatever what from their stock.
Photo: three solar lights in the sun

Billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin
The same three solar lights in the darkness several hours later.

This is a warning! Stop trusting Chinese products unless you tested them out.

Several weeks ago the police of B1050 Elsene would suddenly check the functioning of everybody’s front door bell. The trouble during the former years was that in Elsene’s most popular Brico center in the Waversesteenweg quite near to its starting point from the Steenweg op Elsene they had no WIFI doorbells working over a (vertical) distance of more than 7.5 m. This means that all apartment inhabitants of floors 3+ and more had to seek another solution. Anno 2022 and also when exploring the greater area of Brussels this was not true anymore. Brico Oudergem has now doorbells working over a broad choice of distances. Even 50 m and more. BUT it’s hard to find one that works. Mentioning the urgency of the matter the helpful staff does succeed to deliver you your working doorbell after quite some searching.

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Testing of the doorbell on level 0

The person ringing the bell which is myself may give the impression to look a little bit pissed off but I didn’t exercise for hours to get the perfect video.

Doing a complete test is too difficult but on that concerned day the police have probably done their job but in a little bit a strange way. Maybe they made use of a younger woman with a lap dog.

Billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin
Part of the doorbell with continental plug

Solar technologies in general

Let’s hope these billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin are not so dangerous as their more expensive bigger brothers the repellers working with ultrasonics. The first ones seem to give a clear light of 5 to 6 lumens. It seems that 25 – 30 watts are about 200 – 300 lumens

What you need is a lamp of 0.5 watts as here to get an idea about the effect of the solar lights but also this guy’s purchases don’t work.

There is an orange-colored spot or detail inside the lamps that can cause confusion. You see this only by day and not in the darkness.

Back to the repellants, it seems you need an electrician to install them. Electricians are quite expensive. Imagine yourself with the bill of your electrician while those repellants do not work either!

Billions of small solar lights of Chinese origin
Burning solar light

Luckily it’s all not so disastrous as you can think on a sissy June afternoon. Those red small papers with black arrow are namely the solution for your failing to make them burn. Turn the black head off and pull at them and the benefits of solar technology will unveil.