Alarm system custom parts to build your ideal home protection

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Alarm system custom parts to build your ideal home protection

Alarm systems are available for homes and businesses. They have custom parts for each. These include Video doorbells, portable control panels, photodetectors, other detectors, smart keys a.s.o. Use the online tool to calculate the quote for your customized alarm system.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Only Video Doorbell on the market with unique 180° viewing angle and integrated silencer. The latter with both automatic and manual activation. Thus intruders are deterred. Complete wireless maintenance. Designed to record who rings your doorbell and when. Warns you when the slightest movement is detected.


3G Portable Control Panel

Verisure Alarm has an advanced control panel and built-in loudspeaker. This makes it the only one on the market. One push of a button in the event of an emergency and you are connected to the central so that we can respond immediately. It is also possible to operate the control panel from a safe room from which you can contact our 24-hour emergency center.

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Photo Detector

What Matters Most, Under Surveillance


Shock Sensor

Protect All Access Points


Perimeter Detector

Strengthen Your Home’s External Security


High Power Siren

The Most Powerful Deterrent



If They Can’t See, They Can’t Steal


Smart Keys

No Complicated Codes


Smart Key Reader

Intelligent Access


Smoke Detector

Who Calls the Fire Services When You’re Not at Home?


The Remote Control and its SOS function

Your Security at Your Fingertips.


Deterrent Signs

Warn Burglars Before


Guard Response

We Double Your Security in the Event of Attempted Burglary