Crypto Exchanges Posted by admin on  Fri, Aug 20th, 2021 @ 4:38:58 AM  705  0 is a cryptocurrency exchange app that offers all the usual financial solutions you are looking for. The latter includes an exchange, a CRO VISA card, and an earning program. You can also go there for credit, investment products, and payment solutions. They also have solutions for online shops and invoices.

All products is giving away $100 per user for free

Every user who signs up with referral code will receive a reward of
– $50 when wagering at least 1,000 CRO* for the VISA-card
– another $50 when signing up for the Exchange with another 5,000 CRO investment in the exchange.
* Value 1 CRO on date of this article = €0.1298

Buy and sell 100+ cryptocurrencies among which MCO (ending soon) and CRO works with 2 native tokens, MCO and CRO. However, MCO will soon close and so is urging all users who still own MCO to exchange it for CRO. Further, there are 100+ other cryptocurrencies for trading.

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Today, only supports 1 native token and that is CRO. MCO focused on the MCO Visa cards, which are the most widely distributed Crypto cards in the world. To purchase an MCO Visa card with all the benefits (5% cashback in MCO, free Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime accounts) attached, the customer had to commit a minimum of 6 months of MCO. With the disappearance of MCO, the visa card is now aimed at CRO.

CRO is a token for fast, seamless, and secure payments between Cryptocurrency users and merchants. It is designed for accelerated Cryptocurrency adoption by traders. And to make the payment method easy and accessible. offers merchants the option to settle payments in fiat.

The VISA card is also offering users a CRO Cease VISA card with up to 8% cashback. The VISA card also includes access to free Netflix, free Amazon prime and free Spotify, and a free airport lounge. This earning product yields up to 18% APY and it offers you the opportunity to invest your BTC in quantitative trading.

Previously, the VISA card was based on MCO, but from now on, the VISA card will be based on the CRO token.

You can use the CRO Visa card from 49 states of the US, the EU and Singapore. You can spend cryptos with it on millions of locations worldwide.

Every purchase made with Your CRO Visa Card entitles you to cashback which will be allocated to you in CRO Tokens. Where do these tokens come from?’s trading algorithm buys them on various exchanges and deposits them into your CRO wallet.

What is Exchange?

Launched in 2019 with the following features:

Liquidity using the Vortex Liquidity System

Trading costs depend on your trading volume over the last 30 days and on your CRO bet level.

Retention and Security Management with ISO 27001:2013 Certification Level 1 PCI DSS and CCSS (Level 3) Ledger Vault Enforcement and Collaboration

Subdivisions are the Exchange, Markets, Stake and Earn, The syndicate, Trading Arena.

What is Earning?

With you can deposit your crypto into an account with interest. You can choose between different terms. Your crypto assets will then be locked for the time of interest. The longer your crypto assets remain locked, the more interest you receive.

Cryptocurrencies: 8%,
Stablecoins 12%,
Native token CRO: 18%.

What is the credit?

Through the credit function, you can exchange crypto without selling it. This is without a fixed repayment schedule or monthly costs. You can repay any amount at any time during the 12 months after the start of the credit term. Check the interest rates if you intend to spend money that is not yours!.

What is Invest?

It allows you to invest your BTC in quantitative trading. You deposit into BTC and will exchange Your BTC into other coins and tokens. Everything depends on your investment portfolio/risk profile. The portfolio breakdown of the crypto allocations can be seen under holdings.

Or you follow the performance of your portfolio in the chart at the top of the screen. The history of your deposits and withdrawals is at the bottom of the screen.

Crypt Invest is open to Private members except for citizens and residents of Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Switzerland, or United States of America.

There are three different risk categories (Currently you cannot change your risk profile once set)

Low risk
Medium risk
High risk

BTC amount to deposit:
Minimum required $10,000
The maximum amount allowed is $50,000 only makes money if you do with the Crypto Invest feature.

There are no entry, exit, or management fees. There is a 9% fee on the profits you make.

Is Safe? is very serious security. They have a solid infrastructure in this area

there is both cold storage and a warm wallet. They keep 100% of the customer base in the cold store. The hot wallet is for corporate funds and uses hardware security models.’s infrastructure security relies on Amazon web services and its security services and capabilities. These include firewall capabilities for network and web applications. Controlled encryption in transit with TLS. Automatic encryption of all traffic. Business continuity planning for outages and attack prevention. also has internal controls, 2-factor authentication, and withdrawal protection.

Regarding certification and assessments, is the first cryptocurrency company in the world with Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard and Cryptocurrency Security Standard.

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