VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard best replacement credit card

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VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard best replacement credit card

VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard will never do a credit check when someone signs up to use it. The Viabuy prepaid credit card is free to use for everyone older than 18. It replaces VISA and other credit cards perfectly and is the only prepaid to use with Google Adwords. With Viabuy no restrictions when shopping online. Book hotels and flights without limits and shop as credit card keepers. Shop on Amazon and other stores with credit cards as the only possible paying option. Or use it offline to pay or to withdraw money from an ATM.

Several methods to top up your Viabuy card

Each country (=the user’s country) has its unique loading methods. E.g. when you are a Belgian resident you can load your Via buy with the following methods:
– BANCONTACT – Funds immediately available
– SOFORT BANKING – Funds immediately available
– CREDIT CARD – Funds immediately available
– SEPA BANK TRANSFER – Finds available in 2 à 4 business days
– INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER – Finds available in 3 à 6 business days
– PAYSAFECARD – Funds immediately available

How much can you load your Viabuy card?

You can top up your card for a total sum of € 15,000 / year. Individual loading limits per method may apply based on your identification level and account history.

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Using your card for online payments

You can send funds to other users via Bank transfer or from Viabuy to Viabuy card.

For offline payments see further



You can pay with your Viabuy card the same way as with a credit card or Bancontact card. For all online payments with Mastercard, you can use your Viabuy card. Thus also for Google Adwords. Only rarely a transaction with Viabuy will be refused. This is the case when e.g. you try to send Coinbase funds. Else Viabuy is excellent to couple with your Paypâl account. If you send money by e-mail to someone else’s Paypal account from your own Paypal account you have the choice to use your Paypal funds or your Viabuy funds.

The use of Viabuy at an ATM



Inside your account, you can also find your pin code. The same as with a Bancontact card you can withdraw money at an ATM for Mastercard working with chip and pin. Via your account on, you can also check for ATM machines in your neighborhood.

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