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30th June 2017 2:29 PM


Sofia News Agency Forum (

Sofia News Agency Forum

Ivaylo Moskovski: By the End of the Year the Debts of BDZ must be Repaid

And BDZ are replacing some of their rolling stock with flying carpets after a deal was struck with the fantasy fairies to conjure up the money to repay the debt with.

Billboard by the Police was Removed

€340 + coffee money is a reasonable income for Bulgaria, maybe when beer is 5lv a bottle and cigs are 30lv a pack they could start moaning.

Sofia to Ban Horse-Drawn Carts For EU Presidency

What a crock of shit. They would be better off banning cars from Sofia, the world would have a much higher opinion of them.

Over 120 Countries at U.N. Condemn Jerusalem Decision

You forgot to mention which way the Bulgarian government voted.

12,000 People were Evacuated from a German City due to a US Bomb from the World War II

I hope they gave it back, Donald Trump would undoubtedly benefit from a quarter ton bomb, he could threaten the Russians/Iranians/North Koreans with it or just keep it under his bed until he could think of a good use with which to put it.

How to Select Tires for Winter?

How much money did Michelin part with for that enlightening article?

A Large Iceberg Broke from the Gray Glacier near Chile

Grey Glacier is a glacier in Chile. Gray Glacier is a glacier in Antarctica.

Greek Defense Minister Says Every Turkish Jet that Violates Greek Air Space Will be Intercepted

Greece is suffering from a surplus of aviation fuel, either that or its pilots are bored with not flying.

In 2017 Bulgaria was Sentenced for nearly EUR 800,000 from Strasbourg Court

Why was Bulgaria ordered to pay damages of EUR 799,595 from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg?

Protesters Want a Second Lift in Bansko Winter Resort

How much were these \'protesters\' paid?