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30th June 2017 12:21 PM


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Greece’s house prices on cusp of rising, as its economy continues to recover

The Greek economy was estimated to have grown by 1.6% last year and is expected to grow by another 2.5% this year

Finland: house prices up slightly in Helsinki, but rest of the country slows

House prices in the capital city, Helsinki, continue to rise, amidst record-low interest rates and improving economic conditions.

U.S. house price rises continue to accelerate

After five years of strong house price growth, the U.S. housing market remains surprisingly vibrant.

Norway’s housing market is slowing sharply

After almost eight years of uninterrupted growth, Norway’s housing market is cooling sharply, especially in the capital, Oslo.

Romanian housing market robust, but there are storm clouds ahead

Romania's house prices have been rising strongly for two years, due to rapid economic growth

Property prices are falling in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's real estate market has been declining, amid a weakening economy, fiscal and economic reforms, and political uncertainty.

Great value and good yields in Portugal, where house prices continue to rise

Portugal’s housing prices continue to rise strongly, fuelled by surging demand as well as improved economic conditions.

Belgian house prices continue to rise, despite falling demand and weak economy

Falling demand, a weak economy, bubble warnings - Belgium has it all. And yet house prices continue to rise, albeit modestly, which might be due to the fact that housing supply is declining again.

Bulgaria’s house prices rising rapidly, due to strong economic growth

After almost five years of stagnation, Bulgaria’s house prices are now rising rapidly, thanks to falling interest rates and strong economy.

Latvia’s housing market remains robust

Residential property prices in Latvia continue to rise strongly, amidst limited supply as well as stronger economic growth.

Irish house prices will outpace all Europe over next 2 years

Ireland’s house prices are rising strongly, mainly driven by strong demand as well as supply shortages.

Q3 2017: Continued strong house price rises in Europe, Canada and parts of Asia, but globally housing markets are slowing sharply

During the year to the third quarter of 2017: House prices rose in 24 out of the 46 world's housing markets which have so far published housing statistics, using inflation-adjusted figures.

Thailand’s housing market losing steam

Thailand’s housing market is weakening, despite a stronger economy.

House prices rising in Montevideo

Montevideo has been enjoying property price increases since the beginning of 2017, recovering from declines or stagnation in the previous two years.

Montenegro’s housing market recovering, amidst booming tourism

Montenegro’s house prices are poised to rise, amidst strong property demand and a booming tourism sector.

German house prices are accelerating!

After three years of strong house price rises, Germany’s housing market remains very strong.

House prices in Lima plunged in Q1 2017

These was a significant fall in Lima's house prices early this year, after many years of strong price rises.

No more roller coaster ride for Brazilian housing market?

House prices in Brazil are still falling, but the omens are good.

Property boom in Hungary continues in 2017

Hungary is in the fourth year of a continuous house price boom.

Property prices are rising strongly in Cayman Islands

After several challenging years, Cayman Islands’ property market is now growing rapidly again, amidst increased consumer and investor confidence.