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9th November 2017 11:16 AM

Sunny Beach a sequence of investment holiday complexes


   Thu, Nov 9th, 2017 @ 11:16:55 AM 

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Sunny Beach is a major seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria on 35 km north of Burgas. It belongs to the Nessebar municipality in the Burgas Province. The local population is small but in summer many thousands of tourists come to spend here there yearly holiday. They attract a huge touristic staff of which many doing seasonal work here. Sunny Beach has a strip of about 5 km of high-rise hotels, entertainment buildings, and holiday complexes along a wide bay between Sveti Vlas and Nessebar. Many of these complexes offer a great investment opportunity. They belong to investors of many foreign nationalities as well as to Bulgarians.

Originally the site existed in two old wells that supplied Nessebar with water in ancient times and during the Middle Ages. Here the construction works started in communist times back in 1958 that would result in the resort.


Water park children's slide,Sunny Beach Bulgaria - panoramioWater park – Image: Alexey Seleznev [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As for attractions, there are the beach, water sports, and the nearby historic site of Nessebar. The resort has two water parks near the resort. There are Folklore Festival, fashion shows, beach competitions, and a song contest the Golden Orpheus was held here until 1999. The beach has tropical bars and a lot of beach chairs. The area next to the beach resembles a big market dotted with fair tools, tourist shops, some casinos, dancings, cafés, restaurants, and snacks. Coaches drew by white horses and with a traditionally dressed driver transport over smaller paths in the further traffic-free zone. An own property here offers you a nice yearly holiday stay or a good investment if you rent out the property. Moreover grace to the lower prices of real estate in Bulgaria there is a deal for every purse.

The holiday complexes

The holiday complexes contain studios and apartments with one to more bedrooms. Main factor that decides about the price is the location. Prices decrease with distance from the sea. Sunny Beach is among the cheapest location on the Black Sea. A second factor is the grade of luxury although this is less dependant from the apartment you may own than from the features of the complex your apartment belongs to. More inland you will find houses and villas which are often in a gated complex offering you all the benefits you share with the other inhabitants. An example of villa parks in development is SUNSET in Kosharitsa on 6 km from the beach and whare you can a stylish villa from € 99,000.


Heaven Complex
Majestic beach resort
Oasis VIP Club
Royal Beach Barcelo
Garden of Eden
Golden Rainbow VIP residence
Some apart apartment buildings
Sea Grace

Within 500 m from the beach

Grand Kamelia
Sunny Garden

From 500 to 1 km from the beach

Harmony 1, 2 & 3, Harmony 4, 5 & 6, Harmony 7 & 8
Sunny View North
Holiday Fort Club
Aphrodite Gardens
Sunny Day 3
Sunny Day 4
Sunny Day 5
Sunny Day 6
Sunny View Central
Sunny Residence

Within 10 km from the beach

Gardenia Hills

Arches Complex

The arches are a stylish complex along the way from Sunny beach to Kosharitsa.

Sunset Kosharitsa

Sunset Kosharitsa is a large complex existing in several fases
Sunset Kosharitsa 1
Sunset Kosharitsa 2
Sunset Kosharitsa 3
Sunset Deluxe
Sunny Day

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