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How to find a room as a non student?

There are plenty of student rooms for rent in a big city or in a smaller student city, but don’t try to rent one of them if you’re non student. They are quite severe on this thus if you yourself look for a room as non student you’ll have to search for alternatives elsewhere. Room [FURTHER READING]

Villa Empain, Brussel

Villa Empain dateert uit de jaren dertig en behoorde toe aan Baron Louis Empain, zoon van de Belgische industrieel Baron Édouard Empain. De bouw duurde van ’30 tot ’34 met als architect de Zwitser Michel Polak. Het huis is in Art Deco stijl en staat in de Franklin Rooseveltlaan 67 in 1050 Elsene.Foto door Sally [FURTHER READING]

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