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Investing in real estate in Bulgaria now open for everybody!

Foreigners can now buy real estate in Bulgaria also. However, for some, there is a small pitfall easily to solve. After that everybody can invest without limits. Also, for who starts a business there is no pitfall at all. Roughly Bulgarian property can be divided into some main categories. Touristic investing is possible along the [FURTHER READING]

Countryside properties

Bulgaria is dotted with cheap houses that are old or half finished. They are for sale from few thousand euros. They are great for flipping.

Urban Investing

Other cities of Bulgaria as Plovdiv, Varna (under “Black Sea listings”), Burgas, Ruse (under “Danube listings”), Stara Zagora, Pleven, Sliven, Dobrich, Shumen, Pernik … each have their characteristics making them worth to invest in.

Sofia Investing

Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital. Its population is growing opposite to most other Bulgarian regions. There are a lot of new building for sale or for rent but prices are more expensive. You can rent it to local people if you’re not intended to move.

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