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Bulgarian property investing is now possible for foreigners also. However, for some, there is a small pitfall easily to solve. After that everybody can invest without limits. Also, for who starts a business there is no pitfall at all. Roughly Bulgarian property can be divided into some main categories. Touristic investing is possible along the Danube, near/on the Black Sea and near/in a ski resort. Else you can also buy in the capital, in other cities, and in the country.

Bulgarian property investing for foreigners

Normally foreigners cannot buy land in Bulgaria. Yet the Bulgarian law considers a small garden as land. Else, foreigners can unlimitedly buy studios, apartments, and garages without land.

For EU (European Union) and EAA (European Economic Area) citizens, this limitation has expired. After Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union, its government got 5 years to solve the issue for land and 7 years for forests and agricultural land. On 1.01.2012 the period of 5 years had taken an end. Now any EU or EAA citizen can buy land in Bulgaria.

Other foreigners can only buy land or a house with a garden when they register as Bulgarian company. You can start up a Bulgarian company with a capital of only € 1. Plus you need to pay € 300 registration costs.

Different possibilities to invest in Bulgarian property


BLACK SEA INVESTING: Buy Bulgarian property within an area with a lenght of 150 km along the Black Sea coast and until 10 km deep in the land. Invest in studio’s, apartments and villa’s in newly built sea resorts as well as in off plan lettings by owner.



DANUBE INVESTING: The Danube forms the Western frontier with Romania and has only two Bridges over its length. This makes Vidin and Ruse as the two places most worth investing. On some places the Danube has a beach making it interesting for tourism.



WINTERSPORT TOURISM: Three Bulgarian ski centers can compete now with the big Alpes centra in Switzerland and France. They are Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko. These centra are growing also. Find your chalet or studio for own use or rent it out.



SOFIA INVESTING: Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital. Its population is growing opposite to most other Bulgarian regions. There are a lot of new building for sale or for rent but prices are more expensive. You can rent it to local people if you’re not intended to move.



URBAN INVESTING: Other cities of Bulgaria as Plovdiv, Varna (under “Black Sea listings”), Burgas, Ruse (under “Danube listings”), Stara Zagora, Pleven, Sliven, Dobrich, Shumen, Pernik … each have their characteristics making them worth to invest in.



BARGAIN PROPERTY: Bulgaria is dotted with cheap houses that are old are half finished. They are from sale from few thousand euros.


Starting a business in Bulgaria

Globally Bulgaria’s population decreases in number. But there are some booming centres. This applies especially to the ski resorts and to Black Sea resort Varna. The ski resorts are now mainly run by foreigners and can compete with the big winter tourism centres in the Alpes. Also Sofia and other big cities as Plovdiv, Burgas are open for new businesses. Explore our listing to get an idea about all the possibilities.

Kind of businesses you can adopt or start new



















Bulgarian property investing as holiday stay

Buy a holiday home on the Black Sea, along the Danube, or in a ski resort. Add your property to hotel directories and earn while you’re not there. Dependent on where you search you’ll find new studios from around € 10.000. But you can spend several hundred thousand as well and become the owner of a luxurious villa.

Bargain Bulgarian property investing

With some experience, you’ll see decrease the price per square meter when you go deeper in the country. Devastated houses under the € 2000 are no rarity in Bulgaria.


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